Qasim Ali Shah books

Qasim Ali Shah was a known Dynamic Personality in terms of education & philosophy in pakistan. He is quite an impressive motivational speaker amongs youth & guide them the right direction through Qasim Ali Shah books & voice. He was also known for his Qasim Ali Shah foundation where put efforts to produce more intellect.He is working like a ambassador of education in pakistan.

There are several of Qasim Ali Shah books that are inspired from english book or translated from them. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge on various topics like History , Philosphy & politics. His books has the potiental to engage user till the end.His famous books are Bari Manzil Ka Musafir , Apni talash , jeet ki janib ( tranlation of The one thing). these books are quite famous in Pakistan & worldwide. Moreover, he have firm fate in self-change as said:

  • “The Leaders Of The Whole World Can Not Change You If You Do Not Dare To Change Yourself.”
  • …Qasim Ali Shah

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