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China is way forward toward 6G technology


The 5g was a milestone achieved but still, china is looking way ahead to a new era of technology to ensure their rule over technology. The ministry of science & technology In china announced a couple of days ago (Nov -06) that two teams were working to monitor & facilitate the research program of 6G, this certifies the state support toward the technological enhancement & will defiantly gear up the progress of China in 6G technology. One team will consist of 37 specialized experts from multiple universities, science institute & Corporate, these experts are responsible to provide technical advice to government regarding 6G.

Chen Zhaoxiong, the vice-minister of industry & information technology state that “China is working hard to extend 5G coverage. By the end of this year, more than 130,000 5G base stations will be activated to support the network, yielding one of the world’s largest 5G deployments”. As South-Korea & china are neck to neck in number 5g base stations in their countries & South-Korea also claimed to reach 30% their population will e 5g user by 2020, china is very determined to form the largest network throughout the world to claim their victory & sustain their Status in 5G network countries 

5G & 6G is considered as fifth & sixth-generation wireless mobile internet network that enabled that will open a new era of technological development. After the launch of 5g, the internet speed was observed at least 10 times more than 4G, It will be too early to say what effect will 5G creates but one thing can be surely said it will something that makes a huge impact world & especially china’s leading role after success. Although 6G will be an advanced devolved form of 5G, In other words, 6G will be successor of 5G. 

Expectation from 6G

New Compatible Devices:

                    The expectation of introduction of new devices that is compatible with only 6G, due to the features that require the fastest network that works more than 5g to implement the feature with were not enabled in 5g. These devices will include all fast & efficient features, It will take gadget concept away from mobile phone technology.

AI Development:

                         The Artificial intelligence is the area which is still unexplored, after the launch of 5G the research & development of different programs related to AI accelerated within a short time. After the launch of 6G, it is expected that the Ai would also achieve something remarkable that is not even expected in the era of 5G. As the world is going to automation in every sector, It is said that soon power the manpower will be responsible to maintain & monitor technological Gadget.

Dynamics of the technical world:

                        The technical world was led by the USA in past without any competition, In today china is competing them in every aspect of technical areas. After the introduction of 5G technology china lead in an aspect of technology war but after 6G it seems to be that a clear shift of technological development turns in favour of China, still, it will be too early to say anything as the USA is also working on to overcome 5G launched by china. Currently, they are also working maximize availability of 5G to the maximum area of their country.

Data Sciences:

               The data will be the most valuable currency In future & to collect the most relevant data with the most efficient way you must be equipped with the best technology to face the challenges of data collection. 5G enables to collects data through machine learning in the most effective way in a small passage of time. Similarly, 6G technology is considered as a breakthrough in data science that allows processing bulk data within few seconds.

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