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Prime Minister’s Objective to apply poverty alleviation program of china in Pakistan

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Background Of poverty alleviation Program China:

before 1978 China was a country where 90% of the public was below the poverty line, further than they had taken some bold step to lift these people above the poverty line & also get success in small passage of time. In 2014 china was only 1% below the poverty line, it was like a miracle to know this revolutionary “poverty alleviation program” you must know what is poverty line? According to World Bank “A man earns 1.9$ per day is poor & below it is extremely poor”. So that you can say 19$ is the poverty line. 

  China had taken 720 million people above the poverty line, which was neither less than a miracle. In a population of more than 1.3 billion still, they managed to keep the poverty ratio below 1%. The poverty alleviation was not the only benefit of these steps but also make them stand among world superpower & leading economies in the world. Before this revolution, they were considered an under privilege country whose opinion doesn’t matter but now the table has turned in the favor of China & they became essential in international with Veto power & intelligent debt financing.

These efforts for alleviating china from poverty & economic growth got acceleration when the British government handover honk Kong to China in 1997. Honk Kong was among the richest countries in the world that come under the Republic of China. British was held there as an agreement of 99 years lease on honk Kong, which was completed in 1997 & handed over as per agreement with promissory of individual State Representation of honk Kong till 2047.


  The newly formed government of Pakistan under the supervision of PM Imran khan after a struggle of more than 25 years. From the first day, he wants to work for reducing poverty in their country & Idealizing the model of China. through which reform they raise 90% of their poor citizen. They planned to send a team to China for learning how to apply this in Pakistan. In this article we will further discuss, “is that applicable in Pakistan?” & the steps are taken in china for poverty alleviation

Steps were taken by china:

some major & bold step taken by the Chinese government to eliminate poverty from the region

Steady economic growth:

 This is to objectify the aim in the growth of the economy after every interval of time, it was just like a snowball effect or compounding effect. They became successful in this, where time comes when they showed 20% of remarkable GDP growth. China during the period 2008-2017 observed the 8.2 steady growth in GDP.

Chinese land distribution:

       China is the least discriminatory in the distribution of land amongst their citizen. The Chinese government owns the majority of land and provide to the citizen as per their requirements. The rich/poor property distribution is pretty much similar, which was an effective solution for homeless people thorough reforms.

Documentation, Education & doctrine:

 The reforms began with the collection of data of poverty & categorized them to identify which area needs to be focused. They declared education till matriculation mandatory for every kid. They designed the single syllabus for all kids which was based on their uniform doctrine of Anti-religion, loyalty with country & hardworking as seen in current china. The reason behind was because transforming the mind of kids is comparatively easy than adult or old age citizen. The example of loyalty is that they not even mind that the state always keeps an eye on them. The development of the research & I.T department in china was also taken seriously in order to achieve their national goals.

Targeted Poverty Reduction:

 Based on data collected they invested in different areas that are much affected by poverty. They started migrating people from infertile land to fertile land with the facilitation of basic resources

So they can do farming there, builds roads & infrastructure that led toward ease in exporting them of various areas.

Economic zones:

China builds tax-free economics zones to attract the investor from the world. This economic zone plays a vital role in the development of china. That is why they are still focused on making new trade routes to Facilitate trade. The biggest example of today is the project of “one belt one road”.

Application in Pakistan:

 The following are a few points that need to be resolved before taking such steps.

Law and Order:

Before taking such bold steps the government needs to build their writ of government to maintain the law and order. All the beneficiaries of the current system will resist the change, this requires a lot of courage & power to take these steps to overcome poverty.

Educational syllabus:

 The syllabus of primary & secondary education is very obsolete & UN-necessary for students. The change of single word in the syllabus in Pakistan gives a chance for the opposition to incite people against the government, so the change of the whole syllabus will be a dream until the public get aware of it.

Change in government:

China applied this system because they have one-party rule & they can work on the same policy for a long passage of time. On the other hand, Pakistan has democracy where one party sets for only 5 years. In case of a change in government, the plan remains incomplete & they also have limited authority to exercise authority to take such bold steps.


 The government of Pakistan can’t replicate the Chinese poverty alleviation program. Although they can but can pick some points like working on economic zones & building infrastructure in the farming area to promote trade & bulk production. These steps required a lot of combined effort by the people of Pakistan to work for a better future. More importantly, they must have relevant data of poverty for classification to resolve on a priority basis.

It will take time issues to resolve but replication of poverty alleviation program is never a good idea. They can follow some steps but if it will suitable according to the dynamics of their country. This will at least initiate a chain of change.

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