Jeet Ki Janib ( The One Thing ) by Qasim Ali Shah

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Author:  Qasim Ali Shah

Translated from: The One Thing

Language : Urdu

Pages: 224


Jeet Ki Janib By Qasim Ali Shah, A great Self Development Urdu book taken from English book “The One Thing” composed by Gary W. Keller & Jay Papasan. In other words, it can consider as the best interpretation of  ” The one Thing” in Urdu. The concept fully reflects real success & factors that taken toward the development of society & individuals. However, it is very broad topic of discussion & have alot to learn from it but this book is milestone in way toward it. In urdu linguistic this translation is a masterpiece itself.

Qasim Ali shah translated several books to urdu from english Author with similar dedication. Apart from his translation , he is the author of various subjects.Although , he is student & great admirer of wasif ali wasif ( famous philospher). Being a student of wasif ali wasif , he himself devoloped his great philosphy of life. His personal passion is toward education & human devolopment. moreover,  with his wisdom & knowledge will definetly a part of change in society. Jeet Ki Janib By Qasim Ali Shah is worth ordering book will definetly touches your heart. Therefore you’ll be his greatest fan reading this book.

A great idea of a great author.

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